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Praise for Alexandre Sacha Pavlata

Alexandre Sacha Pavlata styling in the circus ring

Philippe Petit, renowned funambulist (high wire artist), writes of Alexandre Sacha Pavlata:

“I met Alexandre Pavlata in 1972 at the CIRQUE D’HIVER of Paris.  He was helping some kids, backstage, to perfect their somersaults.  I remember the gentle yet strong way he was directing their progresses, there was a lot of joy, but the results were prompt.

As I watch Sacha over the years, becoming slowly the “best circus teacher” (his well-earned reputation today), I realized that a very special chemistry was the secret of his so unique ability:

Sacha could offer in the classes he gave, the flavor of European Circus Tradition.  He was born and raised in a traveling circus family, therefore was quickly acquainted with the constant training, the tough discipline, the respect for other artists, and the ability to understand rigging and to perform all aspects of circus profession.

But Sacha had to offer, blended to this heritage, the benefits of his own life and personality:  he has traveled all over the world, therefore mastering several languages, he had coached numerous pupils of diverse ways of life, nationalities, age, goals and talents, had become a father, and had developed a sparkling intelligence at introducing the unfamiliar to a demanding craft, with surprising results.

It is the blending of the deeply traditional world of European circuses, with a modern international expertise that made the instruction of Master Teacher Pavlata so effective, and so rich, so outstanding.

A quick survey of the teaching of Circus Arts in America points to the lack of a figure that could lead the American performers of tomorrow into the track of progress and success: I believe Sacha Pavlata is the person that will devote his time and expertise to that wonderful task of keeping Circus Arts alive and flourishing in the United States, with the best rate of triumphs.”


Lee Meriwether, actor, writes of Alexandre Sacha Pavlata:

“His skill at both professions (performing and teaching) is matched only by his patience, understanding and enthusiasm. […] He demonstrates the perfect educator: one who can teach because he not only has talent but because he desperately wants to share his gift with others.”

“[Pavlata] is an outstanding teacher and a warm and generous person.” –Stacy Keach, actor.


“…there are few in his field who encompass so wide a range of skills and whose merits as a teacher are so considerable. […] Mr. Pavlata taught me to walk the wire, also juggling, trampoline and teeterboard jumping, the Spanish Web, and unicycling.  I consider his instruction as invaluable for my role [in the Australian production of “Barnum”] and freely admit that the security I enjoy in these areas is entirely due to him.” –Reg Livermore, actor.


“I was highly impressed by his great abilities to teach so many circus skills so well: from teeterboard to unicycle to wire walking.  I don’t believe there are many in our country, or anywhere else for that matter, who can compare to his unique talents.  […]  He is truly a unique artist in the grand tradition and even more important: a fine human being.” – Mike Burstyn, actor.


“In an extraordinarily capable way, [Mr. Pavlata] gave me instruction in wire walking, teeterboard, trampoline, unicycle, juggling – all the circus skills required for me to play the lead role in “Barnum.”  […]  Mr. Pavlata is an exceptional instructor.” – Jim Dale, actor.


“We have performed all over the world and with the best performers and circuses and seen many circus schools and we think that Mr. Pavlata is an outstanding teacher.” – Armando and Tito Gaona of the “Flying Gaonas”


“Having to learn such skills as unicycling, juggling, walking a wire, jumping from a trampoline and certain trapeze work, I was given as my teacher, Mr. Alexandre Pavlata.  I can honestly say that without his invaluable instruction and the great care that he took of me as a pupil, I would never have been able to achieve the success I’ve had in the above production” [London production of “Barnum”].  -- Michael Crawford, actor.


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