Cirque Passion

Cirque Passion performs a variety of exciting aerial, dance and circus acts worldwide.  We can present our shows in indoor and outdoor venues ranging from European-style cabarets to museum theatres, university gymnasiums, restaurants, theatres, outdoor festivals, convention centers & circus and party tents.  Depending on your event, we can present anything from one mesmerizing act to an entire circus.


For more information on how to book Cirque Passion's specialized circus acts for your next gala event, nonprofit fundraiser, circus or celebration please email us, or call (from the U.S.) 781.209.0950 or 781.588.3628.  Let us bring circus magic and fun to your special event!



Trapeze Duet ~ Sacha and Melinda's sensual trapeze duet combines daring, beauty and passion. This romantic piece is punctuated by daring drops and unique combinations. Below: Sacha and Melinda in aerial performance. Photo by Harald Boerstler.

Cloud Swing
~  Sacha is famous throughout the world for his powerful, energetic & engaging cloud swing act.  From the moment he grasps the rope in his hand to pull himself up to the cloud swing -- hand- over-hand in an upside down straddle -- to his daring dive into a dangling ankle hang high above the earth, audiences generally forget to breath as they follow his every move until he's safely on the ground.  Photo of Sacha by Harald Boerstler.

High Wire Walking
~ Sacha balances & bicycles on the high wire with the legendary Flying Wallenda family.  The Flying Wallendas 7-person pyramid on the high wire won the Silver Clown at the prestigious Monte Carlo Festival du Cirque.  Below: Sacha Pavlata (front) and Tino Wallenda (rear) carry Alex and Aurelia Wallenda in a 4 person pyramid.


Aerial Dance:  Lyra, trapeze, silks ~ Melinda combines her family legacy of oriental dance with circus artistry on the stationary trapeze, silks and lyra.  She dances and spins both on the ground and in the air with acrobatic agility, passion, drama and grace.  Photo of Melinda by Harald Boerstler.

We can also feature:  Unicycling, Clowning & Comedy, Contortionists, Flying Trapeze & Equilibristics and much, much more.


Learn the basics on stationary trapeze, lyra, cloud swing and more!  Jump on a mini-trampoline, stretch out in a red silk fabric, maximize your already practiced skills with grace and flair!  Sacha and Melinda of Cirque Passion are available as master teachers of circus, aerial and dance arts to both amateurs and professionals of all ages. 

Book our special circus seminars for your circus schools, summer camps, corporate events & arts festivals.  Call Cirque Passion at 781.588.3628 for more info.

Sacha and Melinda in Circus Flora finale. 
Photo by Harald Boerstler.

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