Cirque Passion


Daughters of Rhea
Melinda's belly dance family's website of multi-generational belly dancing. Melinda's dance name is "Melina".

Fancky O 'Right.
Site of French funnyman Francky O' Right (who also happens to be sacha's son alexandre)

The Flying Wallendas
First family of the high wire. Sacha tours with the wallenda family and is part of the breathtaking and miraculous 7-person pyramid at festivals and circuses worldwide.

The Flying Cortes
Originally from Colombia, South America, The Flying Cortes have been entertaining circus audiences for generations with their twisting, spinning, and somersaulting capabilities on the flying trapeze.

Lisa Giobbi
Sacha's collaborative partner in aerial ballet. Lisa has originated many extraordinary aerial pieces, including Cirque Passion's trapeze duet.

Circus Flora
Sacha Pavlata is Co-Founder of this one-ring, European-style circus.



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